Census Boss Tasks Nigerians On Inclusion Of Ethnicity, Religion

The vexed issue of religion and ethnicity would in all likelihood be included in the coming national head count being prepared for by the National Population Commission except Nigerians speak up, Chairman, Chief Eze Duruiheoma, SAN, has said

Speaking at a press briefing yesterday in Abuja, he said that though Nigerians had been critical of inclusion of those social factors in previous census, he was not sure if it mattered at all as there was nothing to fear.

He said, “Now, on the question of some of the things missing in the last census; well, we are making a commitment about improving on what might have happened in the past. Some of these things are there. We intend to improve on them.

“I am not saying that anything went terribly bad in the past because I wasn’t even here. So, I don’t know what happened. But we want to make sure that whatever product we produce after the majority of Nigerians would accept this census and that should be the test.

“Those things that ought to be there, something like religion, ethnicity and others; I know there is something controversial about them. Now, we want to engage Nigerians on some of those things. We want to let Nigerians to give us feedback on what they want or what they think because we don’t claim to know it all here.

“And that is why we have never been tired of telling you what we are doing. We tell you all that so that you can criticize us and make input. If you think any particular step we are taking is wrong, tell us. It is our duty to accept corrections.

“So, the assurance I give you is that most of those things you complained about will not be left out in the census we are contemplating.”