Celebrating Oyo Peace Corps Commandant, Dr. Adesina On His Birthday 

By Rotimi Agboluaje




“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day you’re born and the day you discovered why you’re born”  says Scottish Theologian William Barclay.

Without equivocation,  the Oyo State Commandant of Peace Corps of Nigeria, Dr.  Oludare Adesina is living in fulfilment of two great days.  He knows the day he was born that is being celebrated on February 26 of every year. The congenial security chief has also discovered why he is born – to impact people’s lives and impart knowledge to the youths.

It is against this backdrop that the Media Team is rolling out the drums to celebrate this cerebral, celebrated, erudite, oratorical and inspirational leader on the auspicious day.

Cerebral.  Listening to him speak at various fora, conferences, symposia and on radio and television interviews, one cannot controvert his depth of intelligence and intellectualism. Hence, his recent award of a Ph.D by a reputable university is a scholarship well earned.

Celebrated. History is replete with people who have done great exploits.  But when the history of Peace Corps will be written, undoubtedly, a place would be reserved for Dr. Adesina. Anybody who has cause to work with him has one testimony or the other about him.  Without doubt, this Ibadan-born Peace Corps boss stands tall in the comity of State Commandants.

Erudite.  Dr. Adesina has realised early enough that leading a complex society and organisation requires a high level of education. Hence, has equipped himself with relevant qualifications and certifications both within and outside the shore of the country in various human endeavours.  Little wonder that his level of versatility is unparalleled.

It does not stop there, in his selfless characteristic manner, he has inculcated the habit of learning, unlearning and relearning on his lieutenants and others working with him.  This writer has had cause to cover many seminars and other capacity-building programmes he organised for the officers and men of the command.  At the 2017 end of the year party, rather than mere merriment, he brought not fewer than three dons to give lectures to the officers on various fields.

Oratorical. While others find public speaking difficult, speaking in the public is his forte.  Any time the commandant is on the soap box, he holds the audience spellbound. Undeniably, the articulate lawyer is an enthralling speaker.  An orator par excellence!

Inspirational. “There is only one room that is open for all ,it is the room for improvement”, throughout the last state tour across all councils in Oyo State, this was the statement he stressed. Creativity is his forte, adventure is his hobby, motivating the youth is his delight. He is an inspirational leader.   He is a teacher,  lawyer, humanitarian and  analyst.

Bold, brilliant and brainy, he is not your run-the-mill officer.  He is many things rolled in one(What the Yoruba call Okunrin meta).  He is born leader.  When it comes to humanitarianism, many have drunk from his milk of kindness.

According to English dramatist  William Shakespeare:”Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”.

Indeed, Adesina is born great.

Agboluaje is Head of Media Team to Adesina