B/ Haram: 1.8m Nigerian Victims May Starve To Death

World Food Program, WFP, executive director Ertharin Cousin, has said that about 1.8m Nigerian victims of Boko Haram insurgency face starvation because the continued crisis is preventing Aid workers from doing their work.

Speaking at the weekend, she said the widespread famine and disease looms because of the inability of the social workers to reach the victims with food, shelter and medical care.

“The challenge is that there are areas in (Boko Haram heartland) Borno state in particular that are still inaccessible, and we have no idea of the food security situation (there),” she told Reuters.

“Even in parts of the northeast held and defended by the army, Boko Haram attacks were jeopardizing aid programs,” Cousin said.

In January, the WFP failed to reach some 300,000 people of the 1.3 million targeted because of bombings of camps for internally displaced people and attacks on markets.

The executive director told reporters “a colleague who visited areas recently recaptured from Boko Haram compared the state of women and children there to images of people liberated from Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps in World War II. “ Friday marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“I am imploring the international community to continue to provide us with the support that is necessary,” said Cousin.

Cousin said ending the insurgency would require a healthy mix of political and military solution “Until we resolve those issues the humanitarian situation will not improve to a level that allows us to reach all of those in need.”

She said in all an estimated 4.4 million people were in need of food assistance in the northeast, though the full scale of the crisis was still unknown, as some areas remained unreachable.

Despite the recent successes recorded by the military in capturing most of the territories held by the insurgents, the group has steeped up attacks and suicide bombings in and around Borno State, creating fear and panic in the State and environs