Apple’s Steve Jobs’ BMW Z8 On Sale for £300,000



A STUNNING convertible once owned by Steve Jobs is set to sell for £300,000.

The Apple legend normally only kept cars for six months but unusually, held on to the BMW for three years.

As a fan of German car design, Job bought the car in 2000 – and wasn’t the only famous fan of the vehicle.

James Bond used the Z8 as his company car in movie The World is Not Enough.



Now, its current owner is selling the limited edition car  at RM Sotheby’s in New York.

The lucky buyer won’t just receive the Z8 though, but will also have the original car phone used by Jobs.

The Z8 has been driven just 15,200 miles in its 17 year life, and has a titanium finish with a black leather interior.



Jobs rarely registered his cars in a bid to protect his anonymity, but there is a copy of the original Californian registration in his name and at his home.

Don Rose, car specialist at RM Sotheby’s, said: “Not only was the Z8 the halo car for an iconic brand and the Bond car for a generation, but it caught the eye of the most iconic and influential entrepreneur of our time.

“Jobs’ legacy is all around us, with over one billion iPhone’s sold to date.

“However, he only owned one Z8, and this is that car.

“The BMW is a perfect fit within our ICONS event, while making it difficult to determine whether the icon in this case is the car or the man.

“I say both.”    The Sun, UK