Anxiety Over More Salary Slash Looms, As Bello Laments Shortfall in FAAC


From Joseph Amedu, Lokoja


Workers celebration Worker Day in Kogi



Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state has expressed worry over reduction in the April Federation Account Allocation to the state which may vicariously  decrease the percentage payment to both local government and state workers.

The fears  among the workers was heightened by the March allocation which was  higher  than the April  allocation but they still  got their salaries in percentages.

Meanwhile , revenues from  the FAAC allocation accruing to the state stood  for the month of April at  N1,736,231,350.68 , the value added tax( VAT) component   of  N938,018,569.93 and exchange gains  of  N186,683,266.69 respectively.

Therefore ,the state gross statutory revenue income for the month of April is N2,860,933,186.62 compared to N4,078,691,569.91 for the month of March.

The 21 local government areas in Kogi state received a net statutory allocation of N1,517,706,851.32 The value added tax (VAT) and Exchange gains for the month of April is N642,963,989.13 and N140,146,959.74 respectively. Hence, the local Government areas gross statutory revenue is N2,300,817,800.19.

Recalled that the internal Revenue Generation (IGR) of the state has plummeted since the outbreak of coronavirus in the country forcing the state to pay salaries  in percentages  for the month of April.

Across  sections of LGC and  state workers expressed lamentation over impending massive slash in the salaries, which is  worsened by the  government’s penchant for not augmenting the Faac shortfall with IGR to pay  salaries.