AfDB Annual Meetings Throwback



From Nik Ogbulie in Malabo , (MONEY Report)



Santa Isabell, better known as Malabo is a show- piece of a modern city in transformation. Its president, Obiange Nguema Mbasoso a show stopper. These two beauties found great rhapsody in Adesina Akinwunmi’s oratory which gave the over 4000 delegates at the just ended AfDB meeting some great respite after a great merry-go-round to berth at the oil-soaked Island of Equitorial Guinea

The AfDB meetings are gradually assuming the beauty of the IMF/World Bank in all ramifications: loaded with great events and presented with a new future for a people. The ideologues are numerous and one finds good reasons to see why many countries are making progress while others are just there.

For Obiange whose hands are getting so frail its time to leave the stage even though he has done so well to create a new lease of life for his country. I watched as his hands were shaking as he stood behind the podium to declare the event open. I think 77 years must not   constitute such nuisance to a president who has done so well to the extent that the papers in his hands were flapping as if they are struggling with the wind.

Having built a city from the ruins of great poverty and having made great use of the petrodollar at a time his contemporaries were busy stacking theirs in Switzerland and Comoro Island one would not begrudge his subjects even if they want him to rule them from an intensive word of a hospital. Obiange has done what Napoleon could not do.

Watching his 39 years old Finance minister talk development and paint a picture of the country in the next five years was breathtaking as one could imagine or see the picture of Equatorial Guinea looking greater than Japan.

For those Africans countries that have allowed their youths to take over strategic positions, the future is theirs. I was almost lost while admiring a 32 year old Rwadan Official ministry of finance delegate who engaged me like an elder brother and the way he set up his meetings.

For Akinwumi, the outing was a great job as he gets close to asking for a second term, which I am sure he will get. He has almost turned the African infrastructure deficit around or about doing so, a development that many Nigerians must be proud of. The AfDB has turned the entire Africa to a construction site and this would be the obvious reason why his second term mandate will interest people like the leaders if those very positive Afrixan countries who would want only excellence to be the parameter for determining who sits on the presidency of AfDB .

Quality attendance was notice except that only a very few authorities from Nigeria attended, probably because it was not held in Dubai or New York .

By the time the organisation replicates this strategy for the next ten year, a good portion the African continent will be looking better.

Now that the next level for AfDB is the much talked economic integration, there is the tendency that the countries will begin to cry for diversification so that they will have something to trade with other and that would be Eureka for Africa. It will also affect services so that one would not want to do Lagos-Lome-Libraville- Sao Tone -Makabo to hit Equatorial Guinea.