Access Bank Unveils New Structure With Diamond Bank April 1

By John Okoh

After much structural adjustments involving  meetings and appointments with shareholders and banking authorities, especially the Security and Exchange Commission, SEC, Access Bank would  on Monday, April 1unveil the new look bank and lay to rest the anxiety of mostly customers of Diamond Bank who had been lost as to the safety of their money when their inability to withdraw money through ATM of Access Bank contrary to an earlier information could not be adequately answered by authorities of both banks

Even when the recent development whereby Diamond Bank ATM messages started  telling customers they could withdrawal at Access ATM, some Access Bank branches in Lagos were not complying and when customer desk people are asked for explanation, the answer is usually,  ” we are yet to complete the merger.”

April1 unveiling of the new Access Bank would paint the true picture of things. What is clear for now is that shareholders of Diamond Bank would be absorbed into Access Bank, whose share last week moved by 18.2 per cent, giving investors opportunities to buy from the new Access Bank. Customers have been assured of the safety of their money.

But what is this new bank expected to be unveiled on April Fool’s day? A bank acquisition or association?