2019 Gov. Polls:  APC, PDP Eye Nasarawa North


Senator Sodangi

In a bid to match the political strategy of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, which has zoned the governorship ticket to the north senatorial district of Nasarawa State, north central Nigeria, the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, is eyeing the zone as well.

Sen. Abubakar Sodangi on Thursday said the calls to zone the Nasarawa state governorship seat to the north senatorial district in 2019 are reasonable and politically strategic.

He said; “Nasarawa North is the only senatorial district yet to produce a governor.

“The first civilian governor, Abdullahi Adamu, is from the West senatorial district, while his successor, Akwe Doma, and the incumbent, Tanko Al-makura, are from the south. It is only fair that the north be given a chance as well. We must consider their request for justice and the need for oneness,”

Sodangi, a three-term senator, who represented the western part of the Senate from 1999 to 2011, on the platform of PDP, defected to the APC last year.

“I have told the people of Nasarawa North to put their house in order; I have told them to unite so that we can beg other zones to support them. It is not anyone’s right to insist on the governorship, but we need to listen to each so as to build a strong and united state with equal opportunities.

“I understand that my former political party, the PDP, has already zoned the seat to Nasarawa North. If my present political party, the APC, equally zones it to the north, I shall be happy,” he said. NAN