13-Year Old, Abducted, Raped In Rivers State


By Ayo Kehinde



A 13-year old basic three primary school girl who was abducted in the early hours of the day on her way to her school, St Peters Primary School in in Ahaoda Local Government Area of Rivers state, has been found with blood oozing from her backside.

Residents of the area who had mounted a search and found her discovered she was abducted and violated by a 40-year old man who detained her for the better part of the day during which he consummated his lust.

As at press time, the Police to whom the case had been reported by her relations and school authority are yet to make an arrest though the rapist had been identified.

Determined to pursue the case to its logical conclusion and have the culprit pay for his crime, many of her sympathizers and relations have taken to the social media to buttress their cry for justice.